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About Us

      Located in the ancient City Xi’an, Shanxi Institute of Gas Design is a state-owned enterprise which was established in 1993. The institute holds a variety of qualifications, Such as professional class-A oil refining project,  chemistry, oil and chemical products storage and transportation in chemical petrochemical  pharmaceutical industry; professional class-A city gas engineering in municipal industry; class-B thermal design qualification and the corresponding

      consulting and general contracting qualification, class-B petrochemical construction contract qualification as well as GA, GB and GC class pressure pipeline design qualification. The institute obtained ISO9001:2000 international quality certification in 2004 and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification and OHSAS 18001:1999 occupational health and safety          management system certification in 2010. The institute becomes the largest and the most powerful design unit in city gas industry in Shanxi province and has a certain reputation in national LNG and CNG engineering design through great efforts in past 18 years. At present, the institute is striving for entering in the top rank of domestic design unit. Now, the institute has 190 various professional technical personnel, including 8 senior professors, 26 senior engineers, 46 registered architects, 2 registered structural engineers, 10 registered consulting engineers and 5 various registered engineers.

      The main technical backbone of the institute had worked in the former No. 6 Design Institute Affiliated to Ministry of Chemical Industry, who had been engaged in petrochemical equipment design and gas engineering design by depending on rich design experience and excellent design quality.
       The institute has various scientific research technologies and equipments required for modern engineering design and technical development. During engineering design, the international design procedure is adopts with abundant software and hardware resources.
       The institute has completed the pipeline natural gas pipeline projects in 120 large and medium cities, 12 urban liquefied petroleum gas pipeline projects and 32 urban liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects in past two decades. In addition, the institute has completed more than 300 LPG storage and distribution station projects inside and outside Shanxi province.
       The institute ranks the first place in China in terms of designing LNG liquefaction plant, LNG gas station and CNC gas station, including 60 LNG liquefaction plant,8 LNG storage&.distribution station,120 metropolis and medium city gas pipeline transportation project,more than 560 LNG gas stations and over 650 CNG gas stations.

       Due to more excellent LNG engineering design and rich experience, the institute has accepted the commission from the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to edit the national standard Specifications for Designing Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant and participate in the amendment of Specifications for Design and Construction of Vehicle Refueling Stations and undertakes the compilation of the local standard Specifications for Design and      Construction of Vehicle Refueling Stations in three provinces.      PetroChina , Sinopec, CNOOC, Hongkong Towngas , Yanchang Petroleum Group, Shanxi Province Natural Gas Co., Ltd and other units are the partners of the institute for long-term cooperation. 
      “Respect for academy, study technologies, dare to explore and continue to innovate”. The institute strengthens research and development force in LNG technology and invites top experts at home and abroad for technology exchange in recent years. In addition, the institute regularly invites experts and professors for teaching in the institution, trains the scientific spirit of designers, improves the staff professionalism, strives to stand in the front of LNG technology and provides first-class technical service for the customers.

    “Reputation from faith, quality from professional”. The institute was prized by the government competent department many times in past two decades and awarded by the construction units. “Customer first, quality first, service first” is the institute’s business philosophy. Shanxi Institute of Gas Design will provide excellent service for you by relying on good design quality, reasonable design fee, fast and convenient method.